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The Norwegian National League is the place to celebrate Norwegian American traditions and connect with Scandinavian events in the Chicagoland area. 

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GREETINGS from the President!

Thank you for your interest in the Norwegian National League of Chicago (NNL). We hope our web site helps you learn more about us, our member organizations and their events; as well as the events of other Scandinavian groups in the Chicagoland area.

We are the “umbrella” organization for many of the area’s Norwegian-American organizations and sponsor scholarships and three events during the year. Our main event is the Syttende Mai (17th of May) celebration with a banquet and a parade honoring the signing of the Norwegian constitution in 1814. Additionally we have, a Leif Erikson celebration where we lay a wreath at the statue of Leif Erikson in October, and present a program as part of “Christmas Around the World” at the Museum of Science and Industry in December. Read More.

Always check of calendar of member events and our calendar of a broader range of Scandinavian events and activities, but we thought we'd highlight some that are coming up soon.

APRIL - NOVEMBER, 2017 (recurring)


The 2017 season is coming to an end - visit now while while it is still available this year. The exhibit will be open from 1:00-4:00 PM on October 21, and on November 11,12 10AM-4PM.


OCTOBER 27, FRIDAY Normennenes Singing Society 147th Anniversary Concert & Dinner,  147th Anniversary Banquet
Allgauer's On the Riverfront Restaurant
Northbrook, Illinois

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OCTOBER 28, SATURDAY Friends of Vesterheim Luncheon & Nordic Marketplace, Park Ridge Country Club, Park Ridge, IL  Marketplace 9:30 AM, Luncheon & Program 12:30 PM, members $60.00, non-members $70.00, Karla Brown 563-382-9681
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The luncheon and program at 12:30  features
"Rocks and Hard Places: Emigration through the Lens of Knud Knudsen"..Zach Row-Heyveld, Vesterheim’s Exhibitions Manager (image above - Knud Knudsen).

Why do some people leave their homes in search of a better life? Explore the way a new exhibit at Vesterheim uses Knud Knudsen’s stunning black and white photography to wrestle with that question. Learn about some of the economic, social, and environmental factors that led to above-average rates of emigration from Knudsen’s hometown, the village of Tokheim on the Sørfjord.
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